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What is
The Blue Hour?

Blue Hour is that magical time that occurs in nature every day twice—once in the morning, and once in the evening. When the sun has just set or is about to rise, the sky overhead turns a deep blue color, and the landscape is bathed in bluish light, this is the blue hour. The whole atmosphere has a beautiful blue tone to it and everything looks just like a Disney fairytale.


It is a strange, unique, and undefinable moment, with no clear beginning or end. It is an uncertain time, an in-between time, and it is said that the flowers are at their very best when it comes to sampling their fragrances. That the birds come together to chirp in unison. More magical still, the sheer intensity of the sky is such that if you looked around—each frame is breathtaking.


We at 'The Blue Hour' have taken our inspiration from that mystical time of nature and curated with a lot of love and affection—a selection of art, artefacts, home décor and furniture that we think is unique, one-of-a-kind and extremely rare.

From our Collection to Yours


We let our products speak for themselves. And we want you to listen to them. We are sure you will hum along when you listen to the melody when you pick them up. Feel the rise and fall of their notes. Things become rare and beautiful when they’re collected. And we would love to pass them on from our collection to yours.

Meet The Team


Surbhi Kaushik

The Artist behind The Blue Hour, Surbhi is a painter, a photographer (IG @surbhikaushik), and a globe trotter. With a creative bend of mind and accomplished taste in art, she has the unique ability to appreciate the art behind the artists and their artefacts. With Surbhi around, the bar is set to very high standards, and things have to pass the “Surbhi-Mark” for them to be added to the collection of The Blue Hour worthy.

Rachana Web.jpg

Rachana Heroor

The Creator behind The Blue Hour, Rachana brings the unique ability to blend artistry and design principles in curating and creating art and artefacts. Her skills can quickly turn a mundane room into a well-designed and colour-harmonised space. She also loves to explore the old and rustic lanes in India scouting for unique and beautiful collectables.

Vinay web.jpg

Vinay Reddy

With problem-solving skills and working on how things can be done, Vinay exudes optimism and positivity. There’s never a piece of art or artefact that Vinay doesn’t know how to add to his collection. Ever smiling and gentle, Vinay is always up for a deep conversation on a plethora of subjects, from cooking to construction, travel to poker and everything in between.

Bobby Joshi-web.jpg

Bobby Joshi

A world Traveler, and collector of all things beautiful from around the globe. He is the passion behind The Blue Hour. When he is not photographing (IG @bobbyjoshii), he is constantly looking out for antiques and vintage items that he likes to collect. A history buff, he can narrate stories on how a certain piece came into our collection.

Our Products

Did you know if you searched on Google for “the rarest color in nature”, you will be shown the result as – BLUE?


Just like the rare colour Blue, every piece in our collection has been methodically and lovingly handpicked and curated by us.


Decorating your home is not just about buying and filling it with 'things'. A home is where you live, it's love you come back to. A place where your emotional and physical self lives, grows and celebrates. What you decorate your home with reflects your personality. It's an extension of your persona, a manifestation of your thoughts and feelings. What you keep will bring joy to you & convey to your guests who you are.


Colors, textures, designs—everything goes to create mood, vibrations, and atmosphere that will define your house and transform it into a home.


At The Blue Hour, we want to contribute to this forever-evolving journey of decorating your home.


Each piece at The Blue Hour is rustic–filled with history and culture. They will whisper in your ears stories of bygone eras. They are earthy, yet they will shine in their vibrant colors. There is a chapter of heritage from around the world and a never-ending art that you would be proud to own.

Our Philosophy

The Blue Hour is born with a deep-rooted belief that everything we do will be socially responsible and sustainable to enhance a beautiful livable environment.


We are also committed to working with local artisans and craftsmen to improve and promote their social, economic, and environmental well-being.

At The Blue Hour, we will strive to exceed customer expectations in everything we do. We hold ourselves accountable for all the products and services we sell.

Our Mission

To offer our customers differentiated products and services that help them create a magical living through stories of heritage, culture, and history.

Our Vision

We will strive to preserve, protect, and ultimately enhance the living environment around us by meeting our customers' needs by creating value through sustainable, recovered, and recycled material.

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